Safarihunter Global Adventures is a Family and Veteran owned business with over a decade of serving, organizing and providing the highest quality global hunting opportunities for our clients. As Veterans we take great pride in our service to this great country and we put that same pride into each hunting adventure we offer.

Jerry Burden comes from a small farming community in north central Kansas. Dad joined the Marine Corps about a year out of high school and served an extended tour in Viet-Nam -1966 to1968. When he came back, he meets my mom, married her and they had three children – me and my two sister Christi and Kaysi. Mom and dad have been married for over 50 years and are still going strong today. Dad has always had a love for the outdoors. He and his friends have always gone hunting or fishing and when us kids were big enough, he taught us the importance of wildlife conservation through hunting and fishing. Dad also being a Marine taught each of us kids the importance of gun safety and how to shoot. Dad also instilled in us strong moral values and principles that we all use today.

My name is Eric Burden, I was born in California and grew up in La Verne. I’m lucky to have 2 parents that were very supportive and instilled in me a moral foundation and principles that have guided me through my life. As a small child I learned very quickly that I had a love for the outdoors and for hunting and fishing. I was taught firearms safety and how to shoot. I joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and served in the Marines for 8 years. I left the Marines due to cutbacks and joined the Army Reserves. I served in the Army Reserves for 2 years until an opportunity came for me to work with an outfitter in Zimbabwe. I worked with the outfitter for 2 seasons until 9/11 when I was recalled back in the Army. I was injured and retired with 8 years in the Marines and 9 years in the Army for a total of 17 years. I meet my wife Jana after I came back from deployment in the Marine Corps in 1991 and married her a year and a half later and we have been married ever since. We have 2 daughters Amber and Kayla how are all grown up. Amber is an Emergency Doctor and Kayla is working towards becoming a K9 officer. My injuries do not allow me to do the guiding like I wanted but I have found fulfillment in working with others setting up their hunting trips at location around the world. I bring 11 years of experience in this industry and offer a wide variety of the best hunting opportunities in the world. The experience I have gained is imparted into each hunt we set up for our clients. We take great pride in customizing hunts to meet our client’s specific needs and goals.

The opportunity came up for my dad and I to work together along with the support of our family, so we created Safarihunter Global Adventures. It’s not every day you get to work alongside family with the same passions you have. We put the same pride and passion we have for the outdoors into each hunt we provide. Our customer service is Top Tier and we give you the support you need to make your planning and travel a little less stressful. We look forward

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