Come hunt with us in New Zealand, North Island at our main lodge outside of Napier for world class Red Stag, Fallow deer, Sika deer, Sambar, Rusa along with all the other game New Zealand has to offer. The lodge not only sits in the middle of one of the prime hunting areas but is located in some of the best Wine country New Zealand has to offer. You can also go down to South Island and hunt the Chamios and Tahr in the prime hunting areas. The lodge staff, guides and pilots are highly experienced and professional.  If you need more information or need to book your next adventure, please contact us directly.

North Island

Come and Hunt the beautiful areas of the North Island just outside of Napier. Here you will find Top Quality trophies to include Red Stag, Elk, Sambar, Follow, Sika, and Rusa Deer along with other species. When you are not hunting take a trip into a few of the local winery’s and enjoy the wine made in New Zealand premier wine area of Napier.

South Island

Come on down to the South Island to hunt your Chamois and Thar. The hunt will take place in some of the most rugger country New Zealand has to offer. You will enjoy the experienced Helicopter pilots as they take you into the hunting area and pick you up after your bag your trophies.

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